Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nein Mann, ich will noch ein bisschen tanzen

Dear Berlin,

I woke up this morning, in that first moment before I truly processed my situation, and I felt a wave of confusion as to why you weren't here next to me. Where are the unshoveled sidewalks and the Currywurst stands? Why don't I have a massive headache from partying until 8am? And most of all, why the hell can't i speak German and have people understand? I'm not talking about the full-blown language, but little phrases like Danke or Prost or random Denglisch adaptations of verbs. I find myself saying "Also" or "Genau" without even meaning to. Berlin, why don't you just move your ugly self to De Soto, Missouri, and never ever leave? That would make the world a whole lot easier, wouldn't it? The area could use a little spice anyway.

Our last few weeks together were tumultuous and emotional, but what can I say, that means it meant something. Sometimes I never wanted to leave you and other times I couldn't wait to hop on that plane and be greeted on the other side by huge grins, warm friendliness, cheese fries and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Nevertheless, alles in einem, I think we were a pretty good fit. Compatible enough that I might just have to give you another try someday. Maybe even sooner rather than later, especially if Barcelona just isn't my cup of tea. Just wait for me okay? Don't change, or maybe do change because that's what you are always up to. Forever progressing in some new direction and switching up the dynamics. That's why I love you because you are unpredictable. Just don't forget me, okay?

Liebe Grüße, Erin

Monday, December 6, 2010

All it takes is a little red dress to turn that frown upside down

Greetings from the land of snow and ice. I swear, my feet are permanent popsicles, and I've probably lost a couple pounds from the excessive amount of shivering I've been doing lately. The worst part--apparently Germany has no idea how to clean up snow. The sidewalks have turned into a dangerous slush of mud and ice that has almost left me clean on my butt quite a few times. I guess it would help if I any of my shoes actually had a miniscule bit of traction. Even worse are the roads. We were driving back from Göttingen last night on the Autobahn, and there was a time when I was sure we weren't going to make it back without slipping off into a ditch. It doesn't help that the Germans drive without a speed limit. Still, I would love to get my hands on the wheel here. Something about be able to put the peddle to the floor without consequences is extremely attractive.

Zwei Wochen mehr, and I still feel like I haven't fulfilled half of my shoulda, woulda, couldas, but honestly egal. I'm happy happy happy in more ways than one. I think I've turned on some sort of light bulb in my head and rid myself of a whole lot of worry. Life lessons, study abroad, life lessons.

So, about those Germans and how they continue to surprise jeden Tag. Probably the biggest thing, is that I've been getting a lot of crap lately for drinking the wrong beer/drinking it in the wrong way. And I'm not talking about older people who are interested in preserving the beer culture, but college students, that in the U.S. are happy enough to have a beer can in their hands, no matter what it tastes like. Apparently, you aren't allowed to drink Weissbier from a bottle because all of the flavor settles in the bottom, and if you buy beer in a plastic bottle or a can, people will call you a penner. Never realized there were so many rules for drinking...but hey, I don't discriminate. I think it is all pretty lecker.

So I'm going to see MGMT tonight. My first real concert since I've been here, sadly enough, but I'm pretty freakin' pumped. I'm totally ready to jam out to some Kids and Electric Feel and relic in a few memories from my Med-O-Lark days, when I was first introduced to their ingeniously catchy tunes.

More later. I'm got to go watch a german film--Deutschland '09. I hope it proves my ideas of German film wrong and is funny, exciting, with a generally light and bright outlook on life. But honestly, I highly doubt the wish will come true.

Tschüssie, Erin

P.S. Watch Naked Gun/Airplane in memory of Leslie Nielsen. R.I.P.