Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dickes B

Oh Berlin, I think I'm in love. With your crazy parties, good beer, rich history, and interesting customs, I'm not sure I'm ever going to want to leave. Although Barcelona awaits, and it does have a beach and warm weather...

So last weekend I was at a little convenience store in the train station buying a drink and like a good little German student, I spoke to the cashier in German. Still, I guess wanting to learn their language isn't good enough. The drink costed 2 euros 45, and I gave the lady 2 euros 50, which one would think would be totally fine, but boy was I wrong. She grumbled at me, told me that I must have a 5 cent coin (which I really didn't), and then swiftly informed me that she was not a change machine. Then the man behind me proceeded to tell me in a mocking tone auf English that I must learn the German coins. I glared at him hard and told him in German that I know them, thank you very much. Why again do people have to be so rude when I've come here, wanting to learn their language, culture, and history? As much as I love this place, Berliners are definitely not the nicest people I've ever met. Moral of this story, give Germans exact change.

I started class on Monday. I'm in the middle level class, which I'm fine with, probably right where I need to be. Still, I can't get used to this whole homework thing. Every night I come home and swear I'm going to break out the German book, but it never seems to happen. Still, I know that if I'm ever going to get any better, I'm going to have to review a few things. Speaking is still a battle for me, but hopefully, by the end of this thing, I'll be throwing down as much slang and idioms as Peter Fox (who we rapped along with in class today. What?)

I was going to go to this Berlin music festival this weekend, but the ticket price is a bit hefty. Still debating, but I think I'll do a club crawl instead. They have some good headliners though--Peaches, Fatboy Slim, LCD Soundsystem, Adam Green, the Morning Benders, Fever Ray. Still, not worth 60 euro in my mind. We'll see though.

We went to a Salvador Dali exhibit yesterday, which was pretty awesome, except it was severly lacking his famous clock paintings. I guess I never realized how absolutely amazing his mustache was. If only I could grow one of those...

Okay before I go, some funny things about Germans:
1. They take their dogs EVERYWHERE, even on the trains, and they don't clean up the poop.
2. When you order fish, they give you the whole thing, eyeball and all. It's really cheap too.
3. They party until 8 in the morning, sometimes later.
4. Beer is cheaper than water.
5. They keep all of their doors in the house closed, have no dryer, and make you wear slippers in the house.

Tschüss for now!


  1. Awww... ich bin total eifersuchtig von dir!!! Das ist total scheiß, über das Geld... Viel Glück mit alles, ich liebe dich!!


  2. Erin, it's fun to read your blog and I agree with most of it. But I have to speak out for the Germans: My family and everybody I know has a dryer. ;-) I'm sorry about the money change story. I have never experienced something like that. And the thing about being rude to foreigners, well I'm studying abroad in Lithuania right now and they are like the rudest people ever! No kidding.
    Have fun and listen to some Peter Fox!

  3. Erin, just know that the money thing is HER problem; you are the best! Love, DAD

  4. I love the way you make general comments! They're funny, but I'm sure some Germans clean up their dogs poop :) Have fun, little sis. And keep on blogging! You are the best. Well said, daddy Bruce!

  5. Indians don't like to give change, either. Weirdddddd.

  6. so the dogs everywhere thing, partying until 8 in the morning, and beer is often cheaper than water are all true in buenos aires too!

  7. Erin! Wenn du dein Deutsch verbessern möchtest, ich habe heir Scrabble - Ich und Gill werden eines Tages spielen, und wenn du bock darauf hast, sollst du auch!